Here are the projects I am working on.
I’d love to hear your suggestions, comments and ideas on them.
It is the communication between minds that makes the sparkles of ideas that worth spreading.

Rapid Object Detection on FPGA

Viola et al. proposed the Rapid Object Detection based on Adaboost Algorithms with Harr-like Features as the weak classifiers. Many researchers have built hardware circuits based on this classic algorithm to speed up the detection procedure.

The project can traces back five years ago when my teacher Feng ZHAO (Frank) supervised several master students to get it implemented on XUP Virtex-II Pro FPGA Board. This original version occupies almost all the resources available inside Virtex-II Pro FPGA. The input image is a 8-bit grey level CIF image. Recently, we continued the work on this system and implement a new version on XUP Virtex-V FPGA Board. The video is fed into the system via VGA port on board @ 800×600, 60fps. The detection result is shown on the monitor in real time. Currently, the whole design has been patented in Shanghai Digilent Electronic Technology Co. Ltd.

In addition to what we have achieved, I hope that we can do more on this system. Here are several things we are going to do:
> Improve the architecture to make the demonstration more robust and interesting.
> Ported to Genesys and Atlys board where we have a camera board to get live video input.
> Enable more functionality to the system.

VmodCAM – A Dual Camera Board

It is another amazing projects I am working on. We are trying to get a dual camera board to work. Both cameras can produce 720p High-Definition Video Streams at 15 fps. This low cost solution may attracts more students to engineering as they can see and feel their codes in a concrete world. The camera is also a good solution for 3D vision, video processing using gate array devices.

A new release of this project is coming soon.


7 thoughts on “Projects

  1. Hi Steven,

    Coincidently, I am also trying to do a similar thing that you are doing in your VmodCam project. I am trying to stream live data from a camera using my ATLYS board. But, as I am a new player in this, I am often running into problems and confusions which is taking a long time for me to deal with. So, Could you please provide me some more detailed guideline of the project (Step by step tutorials, procedures, block diagrams, IP Cores used etc.). Any help would be highly appreciated. In this project, have you used xps_tft or you have used the modified XAPP495 ?

    • Hi, Zaman,

      Actually, I am planning to write something about memory interface on Atlys, focusing on video processing applications 😛

      If you are implementing a embedded system with microblaze and MPMC, VFBC is a better choice. It is easy to use and implement, however, with sacrifice in speed . If you want to implement your own memory interface in project navigator with MIG, the design will be a little bit more complicated. I will write something about it soon.

      As for the HDMI interface on Atlys, I believe there is a reference design available at Source codes for HDMI interface is provided in the BIST_CLEAN project. So there is nothing to worry about for TMDS video interface 😉

      Good luck with your design!


  2. Hi Steven,

    I am having trouble with the VmodCAM showing any display on the HDMI port.
    The display with the demo projects works but shows only noise. I do not know what to make of it.
    Could you just tell me how to get started. I have gone through the reference manuals and everything. But somehow the cameras just do not show any video output.

    The test images in the BIST_clean show up well. Only the video doesnt work.

  3. Hi Steven,

    The VmodCAM has been giving me quite some trouble for a while now.
    The BIST clean shows a decent color display through the HDMI cable but when i use the other video demos for the VmodCAM… they show up some noisy pixels and nothing else.

    Could you please tell me how you got your module to just stream live video at all?

    At present none of the demo files given on the digilent website are working to give me a decent photograph.

    Any guidance is welcome.

    Also, i am interested in your project and would love to hear about that too.


  4. Hi.. I ve just started a project on fpga. My idea is to make vdmod cam an ip camera.for that I m looking for some codes to implement camera. Can u help?

  5. Hi –
    I was wondering how hard it is to make the vmodcam work on a genesys board? I have the sample project for the atlys board but cannot seem to translate it over for the base project I am trying to work on. Thanks!

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