About Me

I love do stuff!

Engineering is an applied skill
Applied skills are learned through practice!

To learn engineering, one must do engineering oneself!

Graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University, I worked as an engineer in Digilent China, a diligent company, targeting at producing low-cost development hardware and studying materials for students major in Electronic Engineering, Software Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Microelectronics and Electromechanics.


One thought on “About Me

  1. Hello Steven,

    I read through your article “Run Linaro Ubuntu Desktop on ZED AP SoC Board – Step-By-Step Guide” – it was most helpful!
    I am actually trying to do the same thing except on the Xilinx ZC706 development system rather than on the ZedBoard. So, I place the appropriate files on the 1st boot partition and use the same Linaro distribution on the 2nd partition.
    A question – after booting into U-Boot (sitting at the zynq-u-boot > prompt) I can only ‘run sdboot’ not ‘run linaro-sdboot’ – how do I get ‘linaro-sdboot’ into my environment???

    Thanks for any help –

    — Adam

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